Sunday, August 26, 2007

Media Law and Ethics

In the era of media the most vulnerable term is Media Ethics. Ideally media has to always try to portray the truth of the society, but practically it is not visible. This is the common reaction of channel and newspaper heads that there is some sort of market interference, which succumb us to live in paparazzi and trivial issues. This is the play ground where all bad traits of journalism prosper in the name of market and livelihood. So what is the future? Every human who work for society in the name of journalist is little confused and want to take a breath.

This breath is come into the shape of writing and analysis. Television folks are always cursing print folks for not understanding the ground realities of television journalism. And television folks always busy in leg pulling of print for their style and traditionalism. This is the river, which has two corners. Both are shaping society, but not along with a common view. That’s why you saw a big gap between news paper and television news.

In the light of a new book, Media Law & Ethics: Reading in Communication regulation, Edited by: Kiran Parasad, the issues are more discussable for the mass communication student, journalist and for the civil society intellectuals. The book is published in two volumes, Volume 1 covers: Section 1(THEORITICAL FOUNDATIONS OF COMMUNICATION REGULATION) Freedom , Regulation and Ethics: Market, State and Media Accountability System- Claude-Jean Bertrand, Communication and Values- Kiran Parasad, A theory of Media Ethics: Foundation and Key Issues- Kiran Prasad, Satellite Broadcasting Regulation and Cultural Exception: An Arab Islamic View of Communication- Basyouni Ibrahim Hamada , Section 2 (PRESS AND BROADCASTING REGULATIONS) Law and Regulations Governing Press Freedom in India-P E Thomas, Laws and Regulations in Indian Broadcasting- G Nagamallika, Foreign Direct Investment in Print Media: Legal and Ethical Issues- Roy Mathew, Freedom, Individualsim and Ethical Behaviour: A Comparative Study of Print and Electronic Media Journalist- Kiran Parasad, Electronic New Media and Emerging Ethical Issues- Bhavya Srivastava.

This is not the all that the volumes cater, the whole dilemma facing by mass media and the booming new media is also covered in depth, in two books. The most fascinating thing the arena it covers. From Print to Television, Communication to Market, Law to Democracy, Individualism to mass media.

Media is as diverse as this country is. We must understand the limitations in which the news and content is present. The medium is the message, and when the message is clear it shapes society. Overall we have to live in a society, which created leader and dominates the values.

Media Ethics is always everywhere, in every newsroom, there is a veteran, who is anguish about the drama and press the PRESS button.

Bhavya Srivatava
Star News

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