Thursday, January 24, 2008

Your Faith is on Sale...

The most serious word of Journalism is Credibilty. Media is all about credibility. But lets open your eyes. "The faith you have in your Newspaper, News Channel is saleable". Yes. You know about suurogate ad's, personal endorsements an pro market content. But the media groups are now come with a new word, private treaties. This is not a word, it is as disastrous as yellow journalism is in past years.

Few print media journalist penned their words against the syndrome. Media as whole is all about the space an objective content. If one group has some intake, or the media group has some stake in companies and this will lead to a "editorial adjustment", then you can clearly unerstand that what news items are on the agenda of the group.

The issue is big an fatal to the society, in terms of objective information. Hope you all unerstand the situation an play an active role to protest in all way, you can. By this you can get a media that works for people.

These are the weblinks, by which you can know & judge the issue:

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