Monday, May 29, 2006

Mandal and Media

The conception of reservation or process ofreservation was thought about tool of socialengineering.Media is also a tool of democracy to takestock of the situation, happenings and dessiminateinformation according the soul and principle ofdemocracy. But is it behaving as it should be?To some extentit is delivering its duty but probable not in awhole-hearted way. Today Indian media is pursuing its own agendarather than for the common welfare of the people. Itis secretly, conspiringly pursuing the interest ofparticular section of the society. Reservation is a dynamic concept adopted andimplemented by many a countries across the world ontune with religion, cast, creed race economicbackwardness,colour etc and it have been fruitful infilling the big gap between rich and poor.And media inthese countries have delivered a very constructiverole, be it the case of US,Argentina or UK,everywheremedia has kept a balance view and worked in thebenefit of common good for the society. In our country media is organised and maintained bya particular group of people and it has showed itsobligation and obedience to that particular faction ofsociety.Although it is true that it is very muchawafre of the marginalised,half naked totallyillitrate,people lliving in unhuman condition acrossthe country.But since it does not got its share ofprofit money from this section, therefore fulfils itsduty by only ackonowldging their pathetic condition ofand on in the ways of reportage and panel discussion,but no serious effor. Indian media will take few years to come of age andfunction in an impartial manner.

Abhay Narain
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