Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Presage to television news.

At this juncture when television news is become ‘breakfast and dinner’ of common Indian, something is itching. We see stories running and its so called impact is calling. At a time when the news is vastly becomes commodity and the coverage and reportage is business, what exactly a news watcher expects. Hard and soft, these are two genres. Fact and fiction are also different. And the identity the news channels portray is not what a news portal or newspaper has. How channels are different? They are mostly planned, plain and puerile. They are stick to an image ‘perceived’ by the viewer.

A viewer wants satisfaction from the content. The eyelid he browses on different channels needs a place, where he looks fine and attaching content. News portals are universal in application, so the designer and the content producer know the demand and the design. News papers know the place and target audience, generally families. He caters a bunch of information’s, analysis, stories, and creative inputs for all. This fine amalgamation is like nature and the final creature.

Newspapers are localise with national sense. News portals are internationalise with local sense. This theme is not seen in television news. News channel is a screen where, every nook and corner must get its space. Compare, is the news of North India lure the South Indian. Are the dilemmas of rural India noticed in metropolitan India? How much India is on the television sets? Clearly on cable and satellite channels? Vast and versatile India needs a vision and picture of unanimity. News channels may happy that they are first and second in TRP, but they are lacking in the space of Indian memory. Hope they think and start their journey of history from the roots.


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