Thursday, May 11, 2006

Media - Whether distracted from its path of Journalism of Courage to Black hole

Few days back in an evening when, I was watching the news channels, I came across news that though irrelevent in Indian scenarios but all the news channels were showing as such they are very important from an Indian point of view. You didn't understood about what I am talking.

Let me open my words and be more clear. I am talking about the hot shot news about Australian bowler Shane Warne. Throughout the evening the news channels portrayed Shane warne as like a culprit and made him a villain, much bigger than ours Shakti Kapur and Aman Varma(that were portrayed as more villainous in their real life than the reel one by the news channels).

It looks as if these days our channels dont have much to show. That is why somehow they get the news of celebrities and present it in their 'Vishesh' episode to lure the Indian viewer. Can they answer few simple questions----Is it not a outsiders indulgence in some person's private life? What he does or did that is much concerned to him. Why it should bother others. That should not mean that as he is a celebrity the portrayal of his private life would be easy for them that would bring some more TRP's. These and some other are ethical questions. But if we look on other aspects we will find more anomolies in media's behaviour in dealing with such stories.

Shane Warne is not an Indian personality, whether his 'immoral' act as portrayed would be able to somehow effect Indian cricket? Or that would be able to decrease his fans in India? I think the answer to these questions is big 'NO'.

His fans in India and other countries praise for his bowling and his performance as a cricketer. And his 'act' will not going to eclipse the performance by Indians on pitch. Than why to make such news and ;lead the viewer to live in the virtual world of assumptions and presumptions. And why to waste time of the special segments as like Saas Bahu series. What ever any personality in other part of the world does in his non performing life that is upto him and should not be made a point of discussion in countries like us that is miles apart from mainland.

From Australia now back to India. On one hand media caught Shane Warne than they also searched our Master blaster who was searching a little solace in a temple in Southern state. Why not media poeple leave these people to live the life that they want for some time. Everytime they bring laurals and appreciation to our country and theirs than why not they are liberal enough to please and praise God as they like.

Let them live as they want and why not our reporters search the real stories from the deserts and ofcourse the Nrmada valley where these days people are protesting for their basic right of living. Why not media channels bring stories that could inspire people and fill them with a spirit to work for our country, to be like Sachin Tendulkar, our president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr Manmohan Singh and leaders like Pramod Mahajan.

Shanu, a viewer

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