Monday, May 29, 2006

A Question reserved!

Much fuss is going on in media for the last few days regarding reservation of OBC’s in Medical colleges. Arjun Singh just threw out a lollypop for the people to lick for some days so that the attention from the basic issues gets diverted and the whole question of Women’s reservation got succumbed to the pressure build up by the current issue. Is this our media which has created a hype of the medical professionals’s protest against reservation?

A Question must be certainly asked to the people, toi the doctors and the intellectuals who are opposing the reservation. And certainly, it must be asked to the media as well that why it is not putting up this question. Assume that the government is already corrupt and anti-people and you cannot mould its decisions just by lighting the candles and shouting “Rang De Basanti”. But then, are the medical students and doctors ready to work on the countryside for one and a half decade if it’s made compulsory?

Let’s give them a chance. Say, the reservation will be taken back on condition that there must be introduced a conditional column in the medical exams application forms that the people who will qualify will compulsarily work in the Indian villages for say at least one decade. Then who will get ready for that?

These are the “Youth For Equality”, so called, who are protesting on the roads and as soon as they get a chance to go abroad, they will never come back to their motherland complaining that India has a corrupt system where everything is decided by caste politics. It is true, but it must be asked that why the responsible mediamen like Rajdeep and Co. have not raised this issue? Has someone asked thet self-proclaimed medical leader Aniruddha that how much time it has been since he is on the roads? Has he ever protested for any other issue in his lifetime?

This is a question reserved for media, Aniruddha, Arjun Singh and others. It is certain that Arjun Singh has hit an axe on his front foot and he will also meet the fate of Raja Manda V.P. Singh. There is no doubt in this. But how will you react if at this point of the article, I tell you that the whole protest in delhi and the rest of the country is being managed by some event management companies? Yes...this is truth and harsh truth.

So, when you get a message next time which reads like...Support the anti reservation movement...96 hours of Dharna...94 medical students collapsed...circulate this news like fire...(the same as I got twice in a day from some unknown numbers), just think before you act. Just ask this reserved question from the people around you and the message senders. And you will see the magic...your call will be get unusually aborted and disconnected. Then you will understand the reason why media is avoiding this question. After all, it has to take into account the popular sentiment also.

Abhishek Srivastava
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