Saturday, May 13, 2006

Shrinking from responsiblity

Indian media is shunning from its duty of putting thesurreal matter before the society in an impartialmanner. Today if we watch carefully into the reportingparticularly international reporting it appears thatit is simply imitating the overseas news channels andnewspapers.
This phenomenon is not new for the Indian media.Previously some newspapers statred to print thewholesome article or news reports from foreignnewspapers. Then it took a stepforward and prints thewhole page or pages as it is.

With the advent of news channels and market forcesplaying big role in the media industry too,newschannels started to shows the reporting of foreignchannels particularly war reporting in the Iraq andAfganistan war, without any censoring or editing.Everyone knows that foreign services of channelslike CNN,Algageria,BBC has a particular motive andthey are supplosed to advance their own hidden policyand interests in the new market.

These trends can be seen in the news coverage ofvarious news channels and newspapers and even tabloidsand weekly magazine.

All, I can say is that, what media is supposed todo, raising the voice of the common man for the commonbenefits of the nation in the larger perspective, isshrindking from its duty and playing in the hands ofbig media moghuls of global market.

Abhay Narain

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