Sunday, June 25, 2006

Aaj Is Par Khelenge!

One day one of my friend come to me to know how electronic media work and its terminology, want few names of books too. My first sentence was aaj is par khelenge; the most significant term on the floor of any news channel and its high profile meeting in some channels this type of meeting happend every half an hour.

So what I want to say I spoke top my friend all trems of TV anchor, visual, byte, ptc etc. including 'aaj is par khelenge'.

Any TV person probably denied the significance of this terminology on which the current news channels are running and trying to collect more n more TRP (everybody knows the truth behind TRP ). By the way again i come to 'aaj is par khelenge', there are some examples not going more back dispute on Rakhi sawant's kolhapur stage show, Pramod mahajan's death case which was little down play after Sachin Tendulkar;s b'day, again Rakhi Mika kiss case, meghana naidu stage show, Rahul Mahajan drug case; these are few examples which are on aired on this technology 'aaj is par khelenge'.

I dont want to go in deep why it happend and how it will stop, but surely we will watch every coming day News Channels playing the game of 'Aaj is par khelte hain'. But yes, I want to alert seniors who are leading the present scenario, You are giving wrong message to next generation enjoy everybody because hum 'aaj is par khelenge'.


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Anonymous said...

खेल गए गुरु!!!!!!!