Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Open Letter To Ashutosh, the Managing Editor of Channel 7

Dear Ashutosh (to be more specific, Managing Editor of Channel 7)...

This is an open letter to you regarding your article appeared in the daily Hindustan on June 22, 06 in which you have commented on the people who are crying over the current media scenario. You have tried to prove that all these people are damn fools and news channels are absolutely correct in the realm of the changing face of Hindustan.

Before saying anything on your article, first of all I would like to ask that have you written this article on behalf of a mediaperson/journalist or a representative of All India Congress Committe? I know that you belong to the same category of people who bend their backs according to the wind's velocity. I am asking this because I know that you are a well read person but it is not expected from you that you target marxism while writing on media issue or vice versa. You have tried to run away from the reality check while writing on such an important issue. You have just superficially touched the micro level happenings in the media as well as the ideological world. Otherwise you would not have written that after 1990, marxism got shattered. My dear, at least a simple reader like me knows the difference between marxism and the social structure built on its tenets like Soviet Russia. Shattering of Soviet Russia does not necessarily provide you with a cunning and clever clue that marxism is shattered.
Just clean your Samajhdaani. You talked of the disappearing divisive line between left and right. I think that people like you who don't have the complete understanding of the issues and ideology talk like this like a layman. I know that you have not fallen prey to some post-modernist like Sudheesh Pachauri. May be at night, you had accidently read some excerpts from any post-modernist writer, but that doesn't mean you write any rubbish in the newspaper like Hindustan.

And my dear, mind it, newspaper is not a place of avenging someone and crying over the things against which you have serious/non-serious complaints. It is the conveyer of information and ideas; and a person of your stature if says that the difference between right and left has been over, it counts. Not because you are more learned and more read than Namwar Ji, Sudheesh Ji or anyone else, just because you have a face value.

Now, coming to the point, media is not a spilt milk that anyone crying over it is useless. As you said. It is a medium in process, specially electronic media which is still in the nascent stage at least in India. If people are having complaints and they are reaching to the media's office, this is a very healthy sign of democracy. Don't you think by rejecting these people's viwpoint, you are getting leaned towards those male chauvinistic (in your words only) half pantees shouting a fascist slogan only taking the ambush of a mass media?

Yes, if you go in detail in the post modernist theory, you will get to find that post modernism is basically a neo-democratic version of Fascism only, which is necessarily against Marxism. So I will not get panicked if you fall an unconscious prey to these ideologies. TV media is a viscious circle which never gives you a space to think over something. Only reactions, bytes and VO's...which have you have exactly shitted in your article.

I will not abuse you, as you have done to some concerned persons. Rather I request you to please use a vacuum cleaner to clean up your mind blog. I don't think this is a very tough work in the company of Rajdeep. You can take assistance from those people also whom you have assisted not to cry over media as India is changing. I expect that you must have read Bertolt, today at least people are speaking out. When they will come for you, no one will remain alive to express solidarity with you. Only in this selfish context, I hope that you will try to understand the aggrievance of any one who will come next time to your office. As far as I am concerned, I have only one small aggrievance against your Channel 7...I have not yet got my cheque which I deserved as I was called as a guest in your channel's morning show. I think in December. You can confirm this from Smita, Setu or Rudra.

Last but not the least, sometimes go out of your office premises and visit Sector-16 of Noida. You will get to know, how much India has changed. Just standing in the studio and shouting on behalf of D's sister (to which no one has least concern) ...Bhai, Mujhe Bacha not the whole world. It is outside newsroom, studio and most importantly the people who cry over the milk which will certainly get spilt if left in the custody of cunning cats like you. God help you...

To view Ashutosh's article go to the following link or paste it in your browser.,00830001.htm


Anonymous said...

Ashutosh is a frusteted guy. He does not deserve to head a news channel. What does he think that only he undestands India and rest of us are fool. He should travel the REAL India not the SHINING INDIA of BJP to see and learn about India. FOR GOD SAKE HE SHOULD STOP WRITING!. I was AMAZED and SHOCKED while I was reading his(ASHTOSH!) article in the newspaer. A MANAGING EDITOR can WRITE such a RUBBISH PIECE! WELL there is a lesson for talented PATRKAR in this article is how to not write a pathetic, boring , confused, thought blocking and menatlly tortours article. And for OvEr TalEnTed PatRkaR. ONE DAY u can BeCoMe mindLESS EdiToR Sorry! MANAGING EDITOR to give US Fresh dose Of FRUSTATION. THiS KiND oF aRTICLE Should bE pUBLISHED wITH sTATUTORY WARNING fOR rEADERS LiKE --- DON'T READ WHILE ALONE U MIGHT GET FAINTED!. TAKE DEPRESSION TABLET BEFORE AND AFTER READING ARTICLE! IF REQUIRED U CAN EVEN TAKE TABLET WHILE READING.IF UR MIND GET BLOCKED AFTER READING. CONSULT PSYCHIATRIST IMMEDIATELY! WARNING ONLY FOR MINDFULL READERS!. NO PRCAUTIONS REQUIRED FOR MINDLESS READER!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think HINDUSTAN EDITOR should not have published the artice. dustbin was the best place for it. BUT Hindustan too, IS PRO of CONGRESS.

Vipul said...

hi abhisekh

u write very good keep writing.
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Anonymous said...

बेवकूफों, एक ब्लॉग पे तुम लोग किसी चैनल हेड के लिए अपना फ्रस्ट्रेशन निकाल रहे हो। ये क्यों नहीं सोचते कि आशुतोष जहां है वहां के चौथाई भी तुम लोग नहीं हो। दरअसल फ्रस्ट्रेटेड तो तुम लोग हो क्योंकि तुम आशुतोष बनने तो क्या उसके चैनल में नौकरी तक हासिल करने की हैसियत नहीं रखते हो। आशुतोष ने हिंदुस्तान में जो लेख लिखा था, वो एडिटोरियल पेज पर था और तुम लोगों को इतनी बुनियादी बात पता होनी चाहिए कि एडिटोरियल आर्टिकिल लेखक की खुद की राय होती है और भारत में कोई भी व्यक्ति अपनी राय जताने को आजाद है। तुम लोग तो अपने लेख लेकर किसी ढंग के अखबार (तुम जैसे लोगों की जगह जनसत्ता में है) में ले जाओ तो भी नहीं छपेगा। इसलिए इस ब्लॉग पर अपना फ्रस्ट्रेशन निकालने में जुटे हो। नालायकों जीवन में कुछ ढंग का काम करो। कुछ काम तुम लोग भी करो ताकि देश तरक्की करे। आशुतोष से अगर इतनी ही नफरत है, तो क्या तुम्हारी बुद्धि पर पत्थर पड़े थे जो तुमने उनकी बाइलाइन देखने के बावजूद चार कॉलम का लंबा चौड़ा लेख पढ़ डाला। शर्म करो।

Bhavya.. said...


Kisi ke lekh par pratikriya karna patrakariya dharma saman hai, bina feedback ke kya koi bhi janmadhyam samvad paripoorna hua hai! ap ki soch kewal vyaktitva ya naukari tak simit lagti hai,ap patrakarita ka matlab jeevan ke bade lakchyon me na dekh kar vyaktigat chintakashi ya achi baton me talashte najar aate hai, kripya apne vichar ek lekh ke madhyam se rakhiya, tab pata lage kya sochte hai ap!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all thoose who take the trouble to write in hindi because you guys can't write english to save your lives.So stop murdering the language all of you and write in hindi.Atleast own up to the cowbelt people you are.

Anonymous said...



swadha said...

Dear mr. anonymous,
AAp kis duniya mein rahte hain? aap ko saari duniya mein ashutosh se bada koi nazar nahi aata.agar ashutosh kisi channel ke head hain aur hum wahan tak nahi pahunche to iske peeche ki vyavastha aur ranniti ke bare mein janane ke liye aapko netryukta hona padega...agar aap netrheen hain to aur aapko woh nahi dikhai de raha hai to ye aapka dosh hai hamara nahi.
Aisa prateet hota hai ashutosh ke bhari chmchon mein hain aap, zaroor ashutosh ne aapko kuch bada bhari faida diya hai isliye uska likha andgaband bhi aapko mahan sahitya se kam nazar nahi aaraha.
Janha tak edit page per chapne wale matter ka sawal hai uski haqeeqat agar aapko pata hoti ya aapki samajh us istar ki hoti to aap hargiz aisi wahyaat baat nahi likhte. aapke ansu ya to ashutosh ne poch diye hain ya jab aap rote hue pahunche to aapse iska jawab dene ka sauda kar liya. iske evaj mein aapko kya mila hai janab ? ek dhansoo naukri ya dher saara paisa.
Mahan hain aap bhi aur ashutosh bhi.
Are hum to ashutosh ka article is liye nahi pacha paye ki hum ashutosh ko kachra nahi samjhte the lekin aisa lagta hai ki aapki nazar mein ashutosh kachre ke siwa kuch hain hi nahi. aap kya cheez hain ye to hum jaan hi gaye ashutosh ke ister ke bare hamara raha shaque bhi yaqeen mein badal gaya hai.
hame to hairat ho rahi hai ki is desh mein intellectuality ka ister itana zyada gir gaya hai ki har aira gaira ab itanai himmat karne laga hai ki apne ko intelectual manane laga hai.lekin miyan (ya agar aap beebi hon) koyalon ke beech mein kauwa bahut der tak nahi chup sakta.Isliye bara-e-y mehrbaani aap jaise range siyar range siyaron ke beech mein hi rahe to behtar hai.
Aur jahan tak ye sawal hai ki hum ashutosh ki jagah tak bhi nahi pahunch sakte to mahodai hame woh jagah leni bhi nahi hai kyonki jahan pahunch kar hum apana asali uddeshya bhool jayen wahana jane mein hamara apmaan zyada hoga samman kam.Theek hai.Sawal hai ki jisko ho deen-o-dil aziz uski gali men jaye kyon.
Haan ye aapne bilkul sahi farmaya ki humare aur abhishek ke jaise log frusteted hain. Ji bilkul durust. Yaqeenan hum hain kyonki hum abhi mar nahi gaye hain.hamari atma abhi tak loktantra ke zinda hone ki baat joh rahi hai.abhi bhi hame us sunahri subah ka intzar hai per woh kab aayegi ye pata nahi kyoni har shakh pe ullu baitha hai anjam-e-gulistaam kya hoga yahi aaj ke din hamari sabse badi chhinta hai.
Gyan chakshu agar khul jayen to aap bhi hum murkhon bewkoofon ke pale mein aajaye.naa khulen to ashutosh te talwe chatiye.hame kya?aapki zabaan aur aapka swad.ghoda ghaas se yari karega to khayega kya? aapki shayad wahi ho...ghaaas.

tweety said...

fighting over such a small topic is too much