Monday, August 14, 2006

The Interpersonalism Of Indian Media

I think the word is too hard to follow...INTERPERSONALISM. We know about the interpersonal media...i.e. talking to each arising from the word of mouth...what we call grapwine in the journalistic jargon. Now, we have been taught from a long time that this kind of media is totally different from what is called the Mass Media, of which we are the small stake holders or servants.

No one has talked about the the Mass Media being interpersonal in a long process after the private media boom in our country. If you can have a look at the news items, edit pages of dailies, reviews and columns, you can easily guess the interpersonalism pervading all over. Be it recruitments in the media houses or the freelance activities, one can get into the mainstream only when he/she has strong interpersonal links.

Journalistically, making PR strong is a good qualiy as regards to the news generation, but when it starts hurting the talent and the real spirit, it becomes a curse. Rather, speaking against these traits is also taken interpersonally, as if it has been done for some personal cause.

This is being written in the wake of the controversy which has arised in the print media after we posted an article on the fake journalism awards named "The Special Journalists Of Our Times". The argument being given is that...we all are hand in gloves as far as the interpersonal relationship is concerned...just in the name of progressiveness...being Leftists and having the same agenda. Is this acceptable?

Why can't things be seen as an objective exposure with the aim of informing the masses? This is the question which is completely intrapersonal...which needs a dilaectical survey of our two sided as a journalist and the other as a as a responsible citizen and the other as a member of this vast Babudom and Netaland.

Do you think that this interpersonalisation of the Mass Media needs a healthy debate? If you are concerned about the day to day happenings of this dual world, write your comments to After all, every one has the right to say, irrespective of the interpersonal relationships...

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