Monday, August 28, 2006

Bihar on television: Same visual - same voiceover.

Hope all media head love this! A new irrational though to a society, that really need attention.The 'Bihar' of India is a territory where the assumption and prejudiceness of common man has similar notions. This time this page shows you the agression about the television, covering them in same stereotypical frame!

To: The Heads of Media Organisations

We are shocked, appalled and dismayed! Bihar and Biharis are offended by the unethical treatment of the mediastories on many national television channels. Media should refrain from stereotyping of Bihar and give up itslaziness which prompts it to cover sensational stories instead ofresearch based stories which improves the quality of life of thepeople. Media has always been biased towards, rich, powerful, urban,upper caste/class and males. Bihar is a poor state and hence the mostgullible target to be used in anyway the media wants to. It is notunusual to find storiesfrom Bihar that are often in extreme bad tasteand most of the time unethical.Please click on the link below to sign in and to register ur protest.

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