Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Not a long time...just last Saturday when we saw the first episode of BENAKAB on Star News made by Aniruddha Bahal's Cobrapost. The sting of the marketed Fatwas in Devband. The name cobrapost suggests the main job of the group...STING OPERATIONS. Something very revealing. But something more has been revealed of Cobrapost now which has raised the question that is there any mechanism to check whether these stings are authentic...? Think...

Just to cite the incident...very fresh in Cobrapost. This was a forgery in the name of sting operation which got caught internally and the story was dropped...the reporter was sacked. Let's imagine of the situation if the forgery had not been caught...then we would have seen a famous Chambal dacoit interviewed live by the reporter in the BENAKAB only. Then, we would have relied upon a forged and planted story of which the group's Editor-in-Chief also was not responsible and aware he has great confidence upon his reporters.

The reporter went to Chambal and interviewed a dacoit. Some famous one...the name is not known as yet...reporter managed to make a local man look as that dacoit by covering him with a blanket and doing all the make-ups required to look like a seasoned bandit. Coming back to his office in Noida, when he showed the tape to the senior, he got caught...whatever the reason...I don't know. Every criminal leaves some mark of his crime...the same was the case with him.
He is now out. But this case has stinged the Cobrapost to the extent that it has revealed the pressure upon the reporters of bringing an investigative story by hook or crook. What the reporter did was journalistically unethical, but has someone tried to analyse this event critically? Are not the reporters in a permanent pressure in a meagre salary of Rs. 8000-15000 p.m. to bring out an investigative story by betting there lives? Is this journalistically ethical?
So, the morale of the story is that...whenever you watch a sting operation on any television, don't just believe it because it bears great names. Great people do great mistakes...but let's not lose our sympathy for the small people like that reporter who was virtually compelled to do the small mistake deliberately...which would have been a complete blunder if great people would have not scanned it.


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Recently I saw a cnn-ibn -cobra post program on sting operation on HINDU RELIGIOUS GURUS how they are involved in black money. In all cases teh video itself appears shady, only hear a seperate audio and many time with some supposed Guru's chelas! How credible is this operation?

More than the credibility itself, the motive of cobrapost. Who is controlling it? This is happening at a time when many evengelical preachers are caught in homesexuality, child sexual abuse etc. transhing Christian religion. No need to talk about Maulvis and their fatwas. So is it an attempt to paint Hinduism also as corrupt and place it along with other problematic religions?

Or are non-hindu organisations doing it at the behest of evengelical establishment? we know much of the English language media in India controlled by foreign money!

There should be a big sting operation to find this out!