Monday, November 20, 2006

In The Premises Of The National Broadcaster!!!

"Why media needs an insight look? Every time when tv journalist share their account of working , the agony, apathy and insenstivity looms large.You know all and we also. So when a particular case come to us, we get hurted. And this is not in the good faith of journalsim and media. So this is a lesson for us".....Mediayug.

An Open Letter To Mr. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyaya(DD News Research)
Dear Mr. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyaya (DD News Research),
This is with reference to the last conversation we had on the mobile on 17th November 2006. You had asked me to talk to you after I get well from my migraine.
Let me remind you of what happened on that day. You had scheduled my duty in the night shift from 16th and when I came back on 17th noon from the office, I had a severe migraine attack. Then in the evening at around 8.30 p.m., when I called you on your cellphone, Ms. Varsha picked it up. I told her my problem and asked for a leave which she responded with saying that with this attitude, we could not continue together and disconnected. Then I tried getting ready for the pick up as I had no choice, but then I thought of asking for the leave once more as I knew that I had to leave the office in the midnight only because my condition was getting worse. This time, with the same argument, shouting for a couple of minutes, Ms. Varsha again disconnected. Then my husband called up and you picked up the phone. He requested on my behalf to grant a Leave Without Pay very humbly but you arrogantly denied asking to transfer the phone to me. When he gave me the phone, before I could speak out something, you again started shouting at me and threatening me to sack. This time, my husband took the phone from me and asked for your final decision and you were stucked to the same argumentative position of the attitude problem, rather than considering it as prima facie related to the medical problem. He asked you to clear the dues and the conversation ended up. You had asked him that I must talk to you when I get well.
Now, considering the inhuman and exploiting conditions prevailing in your organisation, it is almost impossible for any sensible person to talk to you after the series of events which I had experienced under you in less than two weeks of working with you. Continuing working with you is far from the impossible, as I had been told from some of my aquaintainces who have previously worked with you. They too had a bitter experience of your feudal and autocratic working mechanism, but as you are better aware, the newcomers have no choice except being exploited in the hands of people like you who are currently governing the whole media.
It was shocking to Dr. Hemant Joshi also when I shared the experiences and the conversations I had with you during severe headache. He was deeply disappointed with this as he is aquainted with your democratic and progressive past and I came to you with his reference only. Although, there are many people in the Delhi media circle who never blink their eyelids on these type of daily events.You must be aware of them.
I am very disappointed with what happened between individuals of the same profession as well as in the context of employee and employer dialectics. Far more than that, it is a matter of great sorrow that an exploitative machinery comparable to the feudal structures of the medieval period is operating inside the premises of the country's national broadcaster DD News.
I humbly request you to clear my dues and pay the salary of 12 days i.e. from the day of joining Nov 6th 2006 to Nov 17th 2006 which amounts to Rs. 2000.00 only according to the committed Rs. 5000.00 per month by you. Please send the cheque at my address. I hope that you will do this, although you have not paid the dues of many people who have worked with you in the past.I know them by names and faces.
I am no more in the condition to talk to you as there is no point in it. Please do send my cheque as it is in the larger interest of the media community, specially the newcomers who have a minimum trust on the seasoned journalists like you. You will break this trust completely if you do not pay for what I have experienced in your organisation.
I will not like to go into more technical details regarding the other irregularities going on in your organisation as they are not yet part of my empirical domain.
(This letter was sent to us by the writer on Do feel free to share your media experiences with us at the above email id: Editor)


Raag said...

If the shared incidents are true, then it is one another example of how people work in government institution. It also shows how much we disrespect each other (especially our employees, people in lower cadre than ours) and share no compassion. Shameful incident...

Anonymous said...

I would like to tell the whole world that despite his rude behaivour, and the way of working, Mr. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay is asking for more joinings which I find alluring basically. I am attaching the letter he is sending to people. He has also entered his name in wikipedia. Idon't know what do he think of himself. Kind of self-praiser.

The mail I ve got:

Exciting Opportunities in Media for Bright Talent

Want to join us for an opportunity to work for Lok Sabha Television Channel DD News, or a recently launched niche website, or our other exciting media projects?

If you are keen to work towards a long-term career in the media contact us ASAP.

If selected you would be working for Qualitent (stands for Quality + Content) Research Group that has been working with DD News for more than five years and is now venturing into new areas. One of the new contracts that QRG has entered into is for Lok Sabha Television Channel.

The core area of the Group's work is to research and prepare Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, and other news related Infonuggets are then used by the clients of QRG. The Group has proven expertise in B2B operations in the media business.

Our work includes researching news and current affairs, and then preparing appropriate content based on that. This would be done in two areas – Television and Internet.

Qualitent Research Group is looking for you to join as 'Media Researcher' - TV & Internet. We are looking for both entry-level bright talent as well as those who have had a feel of the profession.

There are also openings for people who feel that they are born team leaders but have not had the opportunity to lead a team yet in the few years that they have spent in this profession. This job would enable people to graduate to the next level of professional competence and prepare them for bigger leadership positions.

All openings are currently Delhi-based.

You need to be a graduate in either of these - English, Social Sciences, History, Journalism, or Mass Communication. Final year students could also be considered first for internship and would be eventually absorbed into the organisation. But for that they need to have completely rid themselves of all academic commitment and be in a position to dedicate themselves completely to the job.

Excellent writing skills in English, great computer and Internet skills, and up-to-date knowledge of Indian history, news and current affairs (both national & International) are a must.

We say that people who work with us must have a horse-sense of the world we live in, comfort in working with computers (not just chatting and handling mails!!) and ability to write clean, sans-frills English (other skills can be acquired while on the job). People with no background in Mass Communications are welcome, but they should feel strongly that their presence in the profession would be a counter-point to the general dumbing-down of the media.

We also need to work with people who are comfortable of being part of a small team yet have the capacity to retain their individuality.

This is a full-time opportunity to work in the area of cutting edge media & news research.

We are looking for people who are willing to grow with the company.

Remuneration is competitive and would match the best paymasters in the business.

The Group is headed by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, a veteran Journalist with 25 years of experience across various media domains – Print, Television, and Internet.

Phones: 9810193886 (Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay) or 9811067228 (Varsha Narain)


Anonymous said...

It is really very disappointing. I also worked for them. and as u say i have also many bitter experiences. He and his wife consider their employees as their servants and treat them so. First they allure the newcomers and then they exploit them. I dont say anybody not to join him. But i would surely like to suggest them to join them with ur own terms and conditions.

Anonymous said...

We ournalist fight for the rights of a common man. CANT WE FIGHT FOR OUR SELVES????????

Anonymous said...

i feel sad to know the incident happened with Mrs. Sheela.once one of my fiend had told me like this what i could not believe that because i can not imagine that a human can act such is like exploitation that mr.mukhopadhyay pay 2000 and ask to work all the day.this kind of situation occurs only during british rule.Mr.mukhopadhyay promise to groom a person but he really ruin them.

Anonymous said...

mr.mukhopadyay why r u ruining young journlists,please stop working like this.please change your mindset and give the right work enviroment

Anonymous said...

jab marega to uski bhi research karwa lena..u wire chor

Ramesh thakur said...

insan dusro ko dekh kar hi ispire hota hai. fir chahe bo achchhi adate ho ya galat. apka sangharsh kabile tarif hai yese jajbe ka ramesh ka salam,,,,,

Ramesh thakur said...

insan dusro ko dekh kar hi ispire hota hai. fir chahe bo achchhi adate ho ya galat. apka sangharsh kabile tarif hai yese jajbe ka ramesh ka salam,,,,,

Anonymous said...

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