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This is a mail regarding the apathy of Roads! India is a booming economy and tranportation plays a big role in higher results. We always discuss about bad condition of roads and other economic barriers. The mailer sent this mail to all he can judge, to address this problem. Though its seems a very remote problem to some of us, but it persist in all India. And by this mail intiative, we can create a uproar, about the apathy. Media has the responsibilities to play a important role in the development of Democracy. Economy, Society and Political Consciousness is vital to any country.

Mail was sent to all national channels, and some of the groups have regional channels. This is surely a news item for them, in terms of development of economy.But, till date we are never seen a National Highway Story. Hope we can judge the mail as a starter, and take responsibilty to aware the authorities about the big issues of country.



Dear Sir,

I am resident of Thane city, Maharashtra state and I regularly commute through National highway no 8. The condition of this road is really pathetic. [From Dahisar to Virar] Accidents take place on a regular basis because of pot holes and horrible condition of the road. I sincerely request you to kindly look into the matter or direct this mail to the concerned. I really feel that if this point is addressed immediately can save many valuable lives.

Rajesh Kulkarni


Dear Sir, I presume my earlier complaints about bad roads [ national highway no 8] has not been dealt with. I understand that this problem of mine and everybody holds no real importance to you. What are you waiting for? a few more lives to be taken on account of this ruthless roads, a few more accidents to shake you in the real sense. I hope your wait does nor bear any fruits because I am more concerned about the innumerable commuters driving on this road and innumerable people going along the road than the irresponsible attitude of national highway authorities. I hope the photographs I am enclosing herewith will be an eyeopener for you.

Rajesh Kulkarni.

PHOTOS Media Yug Got from the mailer:

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संजय तिवारी said...

ठाणे में तो मैं भी रहा हूं कुछ महीने. वहां उन दिनों एक कमिश्नर आये थे जिनके कारण सड़कों की हालत काफी ठीक हो गयी थी.

वैसे यह शिकायत हिन्दी में देते तो कैसा रहता?