Friday, December 22, 2006

2006: Media year of justice.

Ok, the year sunset is one week far. 2006. A year that gives media a mean and tool to influence. Though in past news media portrays a wide instrument to attack negligence and apathy. But then the news is political or social in face. By the evolvement of technology and human resources, yes produced by several institutes, the media get a news face, Overall the population of our country has much 25 year old youngs. Well, the story is the change on scenario and screen. Last year we see how 'injustice become justice' how 'parliamentarian become greedy' sensex booms and dooms, social reality in particular stories, two day uninterrupted Prince episode and many gossips on TV. We surely enjoy it. This is all about content-trp relation. But on the end of business, joint ventures, acquisition and opt-out really become norms for many upcoming years. The basic question of journalism on tv lies under the protest of justice. We only accept that the profession of courage become a proffession of luring. Every channels is in a rat race. Some by himself, and some by competitors. Who know who is First? Atleast viewer cant think about it. 'Breaking news' becomes the always seeing third part of tv. You find it everytime. But ignorance and negligence are also the part of 2006 news. Like the most unfocused issue is farmers suicide. No channel give a proper time to ask the government that what it would do? So, however 2006 is gone, we surely desire that 2007 changed the geometry of news content. This is not an assumption. The power of awakeness and awareness in common people and the tool they got by the media is become the rule. It is like first you play, and then the umpire tell you to paly rightly man!


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