Monday, December 04, 2006

Regional Cinema, Attention Economy & Blogging India!

Mediayug got these pieces good to read...

There was a time when we saw regional flicks on out tv sets, every sunday in the afternoon. Somehow it captures the attention. And show the power of cinemisation and unity in diversity. Now we have so many regional channels and lots of stuff to render, but the miracle was in the limit. We tagged it 'regional media' and in this flow the essence of regional films dooms. The article of - thehindu- cleary state it.

Somehow the entertainment channels are quarelling like saas bahu in reality tv mode. Every tv channels has a saga to drop tears. In between, we victimized by a syndrome of attention, What is attention grabing? read and analyse yourself!

Blogging, a phenomena, a wave that simmers. India is on the tip of mouse and internet. This report says so....,39059341,61971547,00.htm

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