Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lifeless farmers of Vidarbha...covered by a videshi channel

What a reality! We are living in a dogmatic society. Yes, every day there are suicides and we become dumb! I appluad the indian news channels, whosoever done indepth stories on farmer's suicides. But how much they are constant. Why the lives of farmers are dying? Why the government and our prime minister is mum. We need answers and must stop this. A boy or girl suicide in a metro is more covered comapre to a farmers life!

Come face the reality, And this is felt by a foreigh channel......

Now Sveriges Television svt Sweden reported last night indepth report on vidarbha cotton farmers suicide.

you can watch it by
accessing this link:

Otherwise- got to : - find AKTUELLT 21- programme of Friday
April 19:th ( FREDAG) and watch the news, the story appear about half way


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