Saturday, February 10, 2007

Prof. Shamsul Islam's open letter to Rahul Dravid

Dear Rahul Dravid,

You, presently, lead the cricket team of India and wear the National
Flag, Tri-colour while playing for India in different parts of the
globe. You must be well aware of the fact that this Tri-colour
represents a Secular-Democratic India and team led by you which
includes players from different religions and regions of the country,
undoubtedly, symbolize the same reality. I hope you are familiar with
the glorious heritage which the National Flag and a Secular-Democratic
polity represent. These are the products of great anti-colonial
struggle and ruthless fight against theocratic politics represented by organizations like the Muslim League, the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabha. Despite the partition of
India on the basis of religion mainly forced by Muslim League and
dastardly killing of Father of the Nation by persons affiliated to the
Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS, India chose to remain a non-theocratic
state. That is the significance of the Nation which you and your team
represent and the Flag which you display on your costumes.......
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Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Islam,
Please let us know your definition of secularism. Is there secularism in Saudi Arabia? Don't you Muslims think that all Hindu's are Kafirs? And you are allowed to kill them? If this is okay in secularism, then Rahul Dravid going to RSS camp is nothing.
Check your own religion first. Then talk about Hindus.
You have no right to take his liberty of movement and opinion. At least he is not subscribing to a hateful religion which thinks only it's opinion is okay, only it's god is THE god and everything else is doomed to be killed.
We pity you Prof. Islam. You bring shame to human race.
Look at Prof. Muhammad Yunus, who is doing great work of real uplifting the lives of poor muslims. And scoudreals like you are just wasting your time hating Hindus and spreading hatred.
Shame on you.
Anand Prakash

Dhurvirodhi said...

You began your article with a balanced criticism of fanaticism, but quickly moved into an anti-RSS, and maybe an anti-hindu stance.

Prof., if YOU claim to be tolerant and fair, let me see an article from you against all the stupid stuff that is being done by some muslim organizations on the name of religion.

Your open letter draws no water with the mainstream reader, because it's obvious how hypocritic you are through your own letter.

Tolerance isn't one-sided. Let us see some tolerance on the other side too.

Let us see a criticism of M F Hussain who degenerates Hindu Gods openly, but withdraws his entire movie from release when Muslim leaders find a scene objectionable.

If you don't have the guts to find your own faults before you find faults in others, you can forget the entire idea of tolerance.

Let us see some positive activism from your side instead of anti-particular religion stance.

And Rahul, please know that even if Prof Islam and his cronies don't like it when you attend a RSS function, there are millions more like me who are with you. Go on and attend any function you like. We support you!


Shrish said...

First of all please make clear if by publishing this post 'Media Yug' agrees with Prof. Islam or not.

Now Prof. Islam is no more different then the so called 'Secularists' who think Secularism means to oppose and criticize Hinduism only.

The issue is not here whether Guruji was a patriot or not, his principles are right or wrong. The issue is that whether Rahul Dravid have right to participate in such a program or not. In spite of being Captain of Indian Cricket team Rahul Dravid is also a faithful Hindu, so he deserves to participate in activities related to Hinduism. No section of law instructs him to not participate in such activity.

Moreover this program was a on Yoga. 'Surya Namaskar' is a Yogasan which is for improvement of Physical and Mental health and stamina. It is not a religious activity. But even if it was a religious activity, don't he have right to participate in it ?

Dravid rightly said Indian team itself uses Yoga for fitness.

Also it was not a terrorist training camp and RSS is not a terrorist organization like Simi.

Inspite of asking Rahul Dravid not to participate in it why don't you criticize the political leaders supporting Mohammad Afzal.

You are a hypocrite Mr. Islam

MediaYug said...

'मीडियायुग' आपको आपके आस पास होने वाले मीडिया बदलावों, स्वरों, प्रवृतियों, विकृतियों को सामने लाने का माध्यम है। ये एक साझा प्रयास है जिसमे हर मत को स्थान देना हमारा धर्म है। एक युग में अनेक बातें कही जाती है, जो चली आ रही विचारधाराओं के सामने या उल्टे खड़ी होती है। किसी लेखक का राय से 'युग' की राय मिलना जरूरी नहीं है। पर उसे जगह देना नब्ज टटोलने में मददगार होता है। मीडियायुग का उद्देश्य आपसे जुड़ने वाले मीडिया को आगे लाना है। और शायद हर आवाज को जगह देना, इसी फलसफे को बताता है।


ghughutibasuti said...


Anonymous said...

These guys have created hell lot of problem all over the world and this fella is talking about Rahul and RSS.. See Pakis killed Woolmer also.. now Al-qaida and LET will coach paki teams.. along with this writer to brain wash them..
If Miandada were Coach then I am sure on the field itself he would have killed some paki player.. So don't worry about RSS.. worry about AK-47 weilding with nuclear aspiration peoples..