Thursday, July 20, 2006

India Censored: Waiting for the attack on free speech to begin

'Mediayug' take concern step against this draconian step of government.'WE' communicate many bloggers and website owners on that.We feel very surprised why the government has done this all, when there is not so objectionalble in many websites.And only for some blogs, the ISP has blocked whole base.It effects lakhs of bloggers....There is a need to clear the isue to you.In all these links you got a clear picture of all hoop hoolah...

The Indian government’s decision to block 18 domains including the popular blogging site increasingly appears to be a whimsical and arbitrary one. The loud rumours rife in the online world about the government blocking sites in the wake of the July 11 Mumbai blasts is increasingly ringing a hollow tune. None of the listed sites that this writer visited had anything to do with the Mumbai blasts.

The list of 17 sites that GOI wants blocked: (From Hindustan Times epaper)


Apparently the last one has a picture, some links and thefollowing explanation for the picture.

"Welcome to my website. This site has been designed around the theme of fall(Autumn). The image at the top simbolizes open windows which lets naturetouch you, just an exploration of how a top image with slightly exceededboundaries "opens" the whole page. Usually, I'm a big fan of simplicity, ifI could, I would just put black letters on a white background. Feel free tobrowse around and find out more about me."Click on 'About Me' and you see these lines."My name is Rahul Yadav and I'm currently doing my Masters in InformationScience at Indiana University - Bloomington. My hobbies include listening tomusic (Hindi, rap, hip-hop, techno), DJing events, playing basketball andsoccer, designing websites, and hanging with friends. I'm the webmaster forthe Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at Indiana University as wellas a member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad-America (World Hindu Council ofAmerica) and the American Hindu Awareness Committee (AHAC).

"Apparently, his website has been targetted because he is a member of VishwaHindu Parishad-America.

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