Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"The Race of English News In India"

Welcome to the World on Indian English News. English sounds elite. So the caterer of English channels caters elite advertisements with choosy news. In a country where no single language reins, English market has immense possibilities. So the news has four national channels. National Channels. You can say, but in true means, the constitution of content and presentation is sometime like a Hollywood movie dubbed in Bollywod.

English news market has ruled by Times Now. As the stats says. The other competitors are good enough, but are over burdened. The tag they shoulders is the problem, the very pacy runner CNN-IBN is lagging, the masterstroke player NDTV is little succumbing.

Why? Headlines Today is never considered a news player? Why Times Now Rules? These are the current Questions hounded the market and the planner of the second, third placed channels.

At a time when the serious journalism is a miracle type of expression, English channels cater a good some of serious news and variety, you can see all this on their websites. But this is the cliché. Why a viewer is get bored?

News is a serious business and the players are so serious about it. After launching Headlines Today , the channel CEO quote this - G Krishnan, CEO, TV Today Network, said, "Our news channel offers quality programming to its viewers, and would certainly be accepted by them. Any other channel that comes into existence will have to create a niche for itself. This is possible only if the channel understands the pulse of the target audience and plan accordingly."
And after passing four years in market, they are only on Television, not in viewers mind and choice.

What exactly this tells? Come to NDTV, the English niche channel. At a time it was market leader. And currently surviving for its image. They actually become Bata of the market, which hold good image and have loyal viewers. But can it works in a market. Especially in future.

CNN-IBN has started with, Whatever it takes, so they can give all they have! You see they have so many distinct programmes and left little space for live news!

Come to the real picture, why Times now is No.1. The tag they follow is NOW. And it works slowly. The colors they use are dark (Red& Blue). Which shows vibrancy and alarm ness, and at the end they are almost live in passion. They devout very much time in politics and have long discussion.

This is not all, they translate the Hindi formula. There slotting is according to Hindi News channels, like they have a women show at 2:30 pm. And after all people change their taste!

Surely the war of news is not going to cake pie revenue share. English viewer is little choosy always and not follow the dictum. And this is why they change their taste.

One more thing to add is The Times of India Effect. The paper has immense effect on India English Journalism. And the group is promoting the news channel from the launching day. People gradually attach them selves to this intention of the group.

NDTV and CNN-IBN has a chance to play the game indirectly. It includes a heavy outdoor Advertising, People Campaign and less focus on programming. Channels are for News and when you portray yourself an epic, don’t write slogans then.

The new funds of web journalism and Citizen journalism is not very close to viewers, so do your level best but show, the benefitable content.

CNN-IBN lagging is mostly due to the brand they attach with them is not very much reputed. After Iraq, CNN is supposed to embedded.

Here Times Now has a leap, Reuters. So they use as much as they can. Reuters has many Indian reporters, this converts into local attachment.

English news market is not saturated, like Hindi is. So the upcoming channels have a space to play. But if the runners didn’t play the game rightly, they loose in future.


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Anonymous said...

CNN-IBN and NDTV India each walked away with nine of the 47 trophies on offer at the first-ever Indian News Television Awards.

How this can be justified .. going by your words ... ?


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